Saturday, May 7, 2011

He was young and hung and wanted me ready with my ass in the air when he got here. Well, of course I obliged him. He started by fingereing my hole. I'm not usually into that, but I knew what was coming. Then he started rubbing his cock against my cheeks and around my hole.Finally he slid in to the hilt and started fucking. When he flexed his cock it must have gotten twice as thick and it felt 10" long. He had great technique; he'd fuck me slow then fast, deep dick me then rabbit fuck.
He pushed me face down on the bed and started riding my ass, fucking me from different angles. He hit things inside of me that have never been hit before. Finally he shot his cum in my ass and rested, so I started milking him with my hole. I had my first orgasm then. In a few minutes he started fucking again and within a few minutes he came again and I had another orgasm! He then managed to cum in my ass a third time! When he pulled out, his cock was covered in white foam that I just had to taste. He can come back anytime!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why I like McDonalds

This 20 year-old had been chatting me up on line Saying he wanted to fuck my ass. He was a versatile bottom and only wanted safe sex. I was in his town and he hit me up again and left his number. We exchanged texts and it turned out he was at work, but was really horny. He was working at McDonalds and wanted to fuck me on his break. He said we could fuck in my car or he knew a few places. I let him know I was on my way.
I got there a little before his break and had to wait a few minutes. He finally got free and crossed the street to my car. It was late at night and he said we could park in the bank across the street. I pulled around into the parking lot. He seemed nervous aqnd sat still looking straight ahead. I put my hand on his thigh and then moved it up to his basket. I could feel a nice lump developing. I undid his belt and he quickly slid his pants down so I could take him in my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes and then suggested we go under the drive-thru, since my car was cramped. He buttoned his pants and pulled his windbreaker down to cover his erection.
We walked into the shadow and heopened up his pants again. I started sucking him again. After a few minutes, I stood up let my pants down and turned to face the wall. He stepped up behind me and slid his bare cock straight into my hole. He started fucking and in less than a minute he buried himself in me. He then made a few slow thrusts and pulled out. I turned around and licked the last of his cum off his cock.
We reassembled ourselves and I dropped him back to finsih his shift. I'm going to eat at McDonalds more often.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New England fun

We arranged to meet on-line. The same way I find most of my tops. I went to his hotel and we quickly got down to business. As I started stroking his basket, I could feel a nice lump hardening in his shorts. I knelt down and pulled down his shorts and I was rewarded with one of my favorite sights! A big, uncut black dick hanging half-hard throught the fly of a pair of boxers. I quickly slipped my lips over the head and ran my tongue under his foreskin. He started moaning in pleasure and I quickly had him rock hard.
He stood me up and pulled my T-shirt over my head. I dropped my pants and got up on the bed. (I never wear underwear to meet a top. It saves time) I got up on all fours and presented my ass to him. He started fingering my hole and working a gob of lube in me.
Then he stood behind me and started working that fat cock in my hole. Thats when I started moaning with pleasure! He worked the whole length in and then started fucking me. After few minutes he pushed me up on the bed and had me roll over into the missionary position with my knees next to my ears. When he strated fucking me again, he kept looking over his shoulder. I realized he had opened the bathroom door enough that he could watch himself fucking me in the mirror. After a few minutes, his thrusts got shorter and faster until he finally buried himself as deep as he could go. Then I felt his cock throb as he unloaded his seed deep inside me. When he was done, I started milking his cock with my hole which drove him wild! When he finally pulled out, there was a big wad of cum on the openening of his foreskin. I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned of the cum as his knees got weak and he leaned on me.